Kroger Plus Cards

Dear KyADAPT Member or Supporter:

Effective September 1st

Gift Cards to generate funds to assist KyADAPT and other nonprofit organizations with a new program called Community Rewards. The Community Rewards program will enable KyADAPT members and supporters to utilize Kroger Plus Cards for this same purpose.

You will be receiving (in a separate MailChimp message) instructions written by Kroger staff on how to create a Kroger Community Rewards account and to specify that KyADAPT will receive the money earned when you swipe your Kroger Plus Card when making purchases. The instructions say that “participants can begin enrolling online within 48 hours of this notification.” The 48 hours has already passed, so you can go ahead at any time and create an online account, add your Kroger Plus Card number to the account, and/or specify KyADAPT as your nonprofit of choice.

If you are planning to attend the September 14 Fun Walk at Millennium Park, it is our hope to have a computer set up at the event which we can use to register participants for the Community Rewards program on site. If you already have an “active” Kroger Plus Card and bring it with you to the Fun Walk, we can assist you to go to the Community Rewards web site and select KyADAPT as the organization you would like to receive the funds generated when you swipe the card.

If you are not planning to attend the Fun Walk, you can register an active or new Kroger Plus Card yourself by following the instructions included with this letter.

Several things to know if you plan to register the card yourself:

If you have picked up a blank Kroger Plus Card application and have not filled it out and/or returned it to your Kroger store, you can complete the application and then to go the Community Rewards web site to (1) create a Kroger online account, (2) add your new Plus Card number to the account, (3) and specify that KyADAPT will be the recipient of the funds your card generates. You must return the completed application to your local Kroger Store (so the data on it can be entered into the system by a customer service representative) in order for KyADAPT to receive the funds that your card generates.

Every item you fill in on the Kroger Plus Card application must be identical to that same item when you enter it on the Community Rewards web site. For example, the Kroger Plus Card application has a space for your middle initial but the web site does not have a space to enter an initial (we have therefore been advised NOT to write in middle initials on the application forms). It is especially important for the addresses on the application form and the web site to be identical (e.g., if you write in 105 Main Street on the application form, don’t abbreviate Street as “St.” when you enter the address on the web site).

The written instructions you’ll receive state “To verify that you are enrolled correctly, you will see your organization’s name on the right side of your information page” after registering your card online as a KyADAPT card. Actually this information appears at the bottom of the page after you have completed this process.

Community Rewards staff have assured us that using your Kroger Plus Card to help KyADAPT will not affect your ability to receive Kroger Plus discounts if you purchase gasoline at your Kroger Store. However, there are some items (gasoline, tobacco, alcohol, etc.) that will not generate funds for KyADAPT when they are purchased. Most items purchased will generate funds, however.

If your Kroger Plus Card is active but you have not yet created an online Kroger account, you will have to do that before you can add your Kroger Plus Card number to the account and register the card as a KyADAPT card. If you already have an online account and have registered your Kroger Plus Card to that account, you will still need to specify KyADAPT as your nonprofit of choice online in order for your card to earn funds for KyADAPT.

If you have questions or have difficulty in creating an online account, adding your Kroger Plus Card number to the account, and/or selecting KyADAPT as your nonprofit of choice, please contact Dahlia Haas at 859-619-1364 (voice or text) or at If you would like for Dahlia to check with Community Rewards staff to ensure that your card has been correctly registered, she will be glad to do that as well–just contact her and ask.

This is an excellent (and easy!) opportunity for us to earn money for KyADAPT. I urge you to set up a Community Rewards account as soon as possible so that your Kroger Plus Card can begin earning money for KyADAPT on September 1.

Thanks very much,

Pat Bruce, Program Director