Our Organizational Structure

The Board of Directors meets a minimum of 4 times each year with additional meetings called when needed. The following stakeholders shall be represented on the Board:

  • families of the residents or potential residents (2)
  • the deaf and hard of hearing community
  • service providers (independent living specialists, VR counselors, educators, mental health professionals, etc.)
  • at-large members (5)

Current Board members are:

  • Jackie Slay
  • Evie Smith
  • Rita Finke
  • Ginger Mitchell
  • Angie Campbell
  • Pat Bruce

Board Officers

  • Chairperson: Ginger Mitchell
  • Treasurer: Pat Bruce

Program Director and Client Services Manager:

  • Dahlia Haas

Standing Committees

  1. PR/Membership
  2. Resources Development
  3. Admissions
  4. Nominating
  5. Policies
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Location: 100 Mclntyre Circle Danville, KY 40422 Phone numbers: 859-439-0025 VP/VRS 859-209-4513 844-281-5527
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