Program Description

The purpose of KyADAPT is to establish and ensure a stimulating and educational living environment and to promote appropriate work opportunities for Deaf or Hard of Hearing adults who have additional disabilities. KyADAPT works to provide activities and services where clients’ functional and communication needs are met and they are encouraged to do as much for themselves as possible so as to live full and enriched lives.

Our goal is to provide:
• Full communication access with staff and peers
• Well-trained staff to assist the residents as needed
• Responsibilities and activities to promote a positive self-esteem
• Access to the community for work, church, recreation, appointments, etc.
• Supervision as needed

KyADAPT currently has two kinds of clients. Residential clients rent apartments from the Housing Authority of Danville. We check in with these people frequently, help them with Team Meetings, caregiver issues, etc. We also work with Group Activity clients who live with their family, with caregivers, in Supports for Community Living (SCL) programs, etc. These people come to our Group Activities and Independent Living Skills classes.

KyADAPT’s Independent Living Program is individualized with specific services for each client determined through the admissions process and documented in the client’s Independent Living Plan. Through collaboration

with local agencies, these services may include:
• Case management
• Activities to maximize the client’s ability to live independently and function in the community
• Peer activities
• Consultation and referral services through the use of specialists with expertise in Deaf adults with additional disabilities for purposes of counseling, work skills, and job placement
• Volunteer services, including assistance with reading mail, transportation assistance into the community and peer support
• Other support as needed.
Through small grants and donations, KyADAPT started Independent Living classes this past year. The goal is to give our clients knowledge, skills and experiences in a variety of daily living issues: cooking, CPR, First Aid, hobbies, budgeting, social skills, community services, etc.

With our goal of increasing clients’ ability to function in the community and to give back to others, KyADAPT provides a variety of volunteer activities with the Heart of Kentucky United Way, KSD’s Jacobs Hall, the Salvation Army and other local agencies.

KyADAPT is a developing program… new services and supports will be added as funds allow. Currently, we monitor independent living services for adults who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing with additional disabilities through collaboration with other programs/agencies.In the future, we plan to develop a full-scale independent living program with our own facilities, full-time staff and a continuum of services.

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