Our Philosophy

KyADAPT believes that people in our program have the right to:  Full Communication, Self-Determination, and Community. These three concepts are at the foundation of our goals and activities.

KyADAPT is founded on the concept of full communication. All of our clients use American Sign Language (ASL) to one degree or another. In order to reach their fullest potential, they must be surrounded by the language. The people who provide support, instruction, entertainment, etc must be fluent in ASL. We want our clients to grow and learn and, although it is not fully implemented, full communication access is our guiding principle.

Often, programs that provide independent living supports do not allow for individuality. KyADAPT clients decide how they spend their day, they decide what to eat and where to go. Within the bounds of safety, we provide advice and encouragement for clients to make their own decisions and then… live with the consequences of that decision. Clients are free to choose if they attend Group Activities, volunteer activities, and Living Skills classes.

KyADAPT wants clients to want to live in our program. The attitude of developing friendships, helping the neighbors, and getting out into the community is much healthier than sitting home alone. KyADAPT involves two kinds of the community; within our program and within the Danville area.

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