Letter from the Board

March 2019
To Clients, Families and Friends of KyADAPT -

Many of you already know about some of the recent changes here at KyADAPT. We want to keep all of you up-to-date on happenings, so we’re sending out this letter. Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions for the program. I know we all want the best for our community and I’m a strong believer in working together to
accomplish our mission: quality independent living services for the Deaf Plus people in Kentucky.

Due to limited funding (we lost our largest grant at the end of 2018), we had to let Dahlia Haas, our longtime Program/Office Manager go. As you all know, she worked very long and hard for our clients and the KyADAPT program. We are thankful she has agreed to help with the transition and also stay with us as a volunteer when
needed. We wish her the best in all of her pursuits. For now, the Board of Directors is covering the office and making sure services to clients go on uninterrupted. We have some new and creative plans now that we have to move on without Dahlia.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, from 2:00 until 4:00, one of the Board members and/or a volunteer will be in the office to welcome visitors, handle paperwork, and keep it clean. You can request an appointment at another time by calling the office at 859-439-0025 (VP or signmail) or leave a voice message at 859-583-4470.

Ginger Mitchell - Board Chairperson -- 859-329-8121 text only
Angie Campbell - Secretary -- 859-583-4470 voice or text
Pat Bruce - Treasurer -- 859-329-1430 text only
Rita Finke - Board Inspiration-er -- 859-319-8121 text only

We are always looking for a few, good workers willing to serve on our Board. We are a very involved and active Board. If you believe in what we’re doing and are interested in working with us, please let one of us know. There is an application process, but we are thrilled to talk with you!

The Board of KyADAPT knows that our monthly Group Activities are very important to our clients… these will continue under the coordination of Rita and Pat. Also, Angie will be planning and setting up the Independent Living Skills classes. For January, the cooking classes will continue. We are excited about collaborating with the Housing Authority of Danville and will join some of their new Community Services classes which have very similar goals. Angie will keep you updated as these are scheduled.

With the help of the Presbyterian Church, we have hired Sandy Johnson to help with Residential Client Services. She will visit the residential clients on a weekly basis to help ensure their well-being and safety. Sandy Johnson lives in the Bate-Wood area and she will also be available to other clients who want to talk with her via videophone. Welcome Sandy!

We have also asked Teresa Shepperson to organize our office, set up a long needed database and clear out the files. She’ll help Rita with contacting clients about upcoming events. Tentatively, she’ll be in the office twice/week. Give her a call.

Another hope is to start a Community Day where clients can come to the office for crafts, snacks, and other fun stuff… this will enable them to stay in contact with other Deaf folks and develop a stronger sense of community.

Please stay in touch and share your hopes/dreams with us. Let’s make 2019 a really great year!


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