About Us

Our Mission

To establish and maintain a model independent living program for deaf and hard of hearing adults who have additional disabilities and need some assistance with daily living and work skills. All aspects of programs and services will create safe environments where participants have their functional and communication needs met and are encouraged to do as much for themselves as possible so as to live full and enriched lives.

Our Organizational Structure

The Board of Directors meets a minimum of 4 times each year with additional meetings called when needed. The following stakeholders shall be represented on the Board:

  • families of the residents or potential residents (2)
  • the deaf and hard of hearing community
  • service providers (independent living specialists, VR counselors, educators, mental health professionals, etc.)
  • at-large members (5)

Current Board members are:

  • Jackye Gatton (family rep)
  • ____________________ (family rep)
  • Gary Crase
  • Janis Friend
  • JoAnn Hamm (service providers)

Board Officers

  • Chairperson: Janis Friend
  • Secretary: Gary Crase
  • Treasurer: Pat Bruce

Program Director:

  • Pat Bruce (temporary)

Independent Contractors:

  • Client Services Consultant: Robert Cagle
  • Admissions Coordinator: Rita Troxell
  • Group Activities Coord.: Ginger Mitchell
  • Administrative Assistant for Funding Development: Dahlia Haas

Standing Committees

  1. PR/Membership
  2. Resources Development
  3. Admissions
  4. Nominating
  5. Policies