KyADAPT Requests YOUR Support in the GoodGiving Challenge

GoodGiving Challenge

Help KyADAPT blast off on Tuesday, November 27th for the GoodGiving Challenge. 

On Tuesday at 9:00 am, the EE Murry Family Foundation and the Hudson-Ellis Foundation will each match every donation fifty centers on the dollar. This means your donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar... but only until the match funds run out. 

So, please donate right at 9:00 am on Tuesday, the 27th. You can go ahead and get into the donation site early... fill out all of the information and when the website counts down to 9:00 am, punch submit. 


The GoodGiving Challenge, sponsored by the Blue Grass Community Foundation and Smiley Pete Publishing is an amazing opportunity for you to provide some down-to-earth help in order for our clients to reach the stars. Your donation allows KyADAPT to provide much-needed supports to Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults who live with additional disabilities. 

Our clients deserve the opportunity to learn and socialize from those who can sign fluently and understand their needs. 

Donate by going online at 

"Find Organization"... type in KyADAPT and click. 

You can read about us or go straight to the donation page. You will be asked 2-3 simple questions; then, click on "Add to Cart", then "Checkout". Fill in a profile and click "Confirm". 

You've done it! Thanks for being a KyADAPT rocket booster!

Why Donate to Us?

KyADAPT is the only organization in the state that exists solely to serve Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults with other disabilities. We provide group and individual learning experiences to teach our clients to live safely and as independently as possible. We assist clients in obtaining needed services from other agencies and to set and achieve personal goals. With the Housing Authority of Danville, we operate a small residential program. 

GoodGiving Challenge Week is a fun, easy and powerful way for you to make a difference right here in Danville and Central Kentucky! Blue Grass Community Foundation and Smiley Pete Publishing know how important it is to give where you live. Join us November 27, 2018 through December 3, 2018.