Pop-Up Challenge

We are excited!
KyADAPT members and friends...I have great NEWS. The GoodGiving Challenge fundraising campaign has just issued a surprise, pop-up Challenge. Whatever organization attracts the most NEW donors by Friday will win $2,000. We are looking to have a lot of new donors. A "new" donor means someone who has not given to the GoodGiving Challenge yet in 2017. it doesn’t matter if you donate $10 or $1,000, we just need NEW participants. You can make a donation by going to http://www.bggives.org/kyadapt.
What would be winning a $2,000 prize for the KyADAPT mean? If we won the prize, it would mean transportation for clients outside of the Danville area to attend Group Activities, or 5 more independent living skills classes, or training for service providers who work with the Deaf.
Your donation to KyADAPT during the Pop-Up Challenge will help us do this for Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults who also have other disabilities. Please give generously, anytime before this Friday.

Thank you Donation

Dahlia Hass and Paula Meckes

Judy Strassburg and John Paul Bruce

Deanna Darrell and Susan Taylor

Christi Bailey and Stephen Bruce

Karen Roper and Douglas Rees

Patricia Bruce and William Weston

John Campbell and S. Reybarreau

Sarah Hempel and Gary Crase

Joann Hamm and Kandice Williams

Helen Overstreet and Sam Hays

John Britton and Glenn Leveridge

Angela Ross and Interpreting Service of the Commonwealth.

We want to take the time to sincerely thank you for your donation to KyADAPT. As you know, we started this campaign to help us continue to assist Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults become as independent as possible and your $$$ contribution on from November 28 to present helps us get one step closer to our goal.

Thanks again for your generosity and support,



Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish and maintain a model independent living program for deaf and hard of hearing adults who have additional disabilities and need some assistance with daily living and work skills.

Program Description

The KyADAPT Program currently provides monitoring of independent living services for adults who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing with additional disabilities through collaboration with other programs/agencies.

Our Philosophy

KyADAPT believes that people in our program have the right to: Full Communication, Self-Determination, and Community. These three concepts are at the foundation of our goals and activities.

Group Activities

KyADAPT plans at least one social event each month. The events are selected by the clients at a group discussion every 4-5 months. The group does a wide variety of things...

Hello December!

"Hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas!🎁"


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