Would you like to contribute to KyADAPT without having to spend a dime? Sounds like a TV commercial, right? If you shop at Amazon a lot, you can register your account with a program called Amazon Smiles. It is similar to the way our Kroger Card program works. Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to KyADAPT. It does not cost you anything and does not increase the cost of the item you are purchasing. Just search for:

Assisting Deaf Adults To Paticipate Totally

Yes, ‘Participate’ is spelled incorrectly. Just go to when you shop at Amazon.

Please feel free to contact us at with questions.

You may also want to learn more by going to About AmazonSmile: Program details and FAQ.

KyADAPT Tops $11,000 in GoodGiving Guide Donations

Propelled by a strong performance on the final day of the GoodGiving Guide Challenge,KyADAPT finished the Challenge with $11,229 in gifts from 42 donors.

The $11,229 does not include any matching funds KyADAPT earned from Challenge donations slated to receive matching funds. The amount of matching funds KyADAPT will receive from this year’s donations will be announced soon and posted on this web site.

The $11,229 KyADAPT supporters contributed this year is a significant increase over the $6,340 (excluding matching funds) KyADAPT earned in last year’s Challenge.

This year’s GoodGiving Guide Challenge began on November 3 and ended on December 12. This was KyADAPT’s second year to participate in the Challenge, an online fundraising campaign for nonprofit organizations administered by the Blue Grass Community Foundation.

KyADAPT would like to express tremendous gratitude to the following donors for the gifts they made to KyADAPT during this year’s Challenge:

Angie Ross

Anne Lubbers

Anonymous Donors (7 donors)

Barbara Lockhart

Claire O’Quin

Caroline David

Douglas Bruce

Gary Crase

Helen Overstreet

Jackye Gatton

Janis Friend

Jean Abney

Jeanette Bush

Jill Hamm

JoAnn Hamm

Joe, Dahlia and John Haas

John and Jan Bradshaw

Jordan Shewmaker

Joseph Johnson

Leah Hampton

Madelyn Worley

Marion Danforth

Mary Kelly Haas

Michael Hamm

Pat Bruce

Patsy Hensley

Paula Meckes

Rebecca Rees

Rita and Arlen Finke

Rita Zirnheld

Sarah Hempel

Sharon Bruce

Steve Bruce

Susannah Stevenson

Tom Campbell

Vincent Britton