The Board of KyADAPT thanks all of our wonderful donors who have participated in the GoodGiving challenge so far!

Madelyn Worley
Steve Bruce
Jeanette Bush
Arlen and Rita Finke
Clair O’Quinn
Gary Crase
Caroline David
Jill Hamm
Dahlia Haas
Tom Campbell
Jordan Shewmaker
Barbara Lockhart
Joseph Johnson
Helen Overstreet
Ann Lubbers

We have reached the end of week #2 of the Challenge. I’m pretty sure there are either 3 or 4 weeks left. We have received $3,570 in donations and about $1,500 in Lottie Ellis match money. If my math is right, there’s about $6,000 left in that pot…. so, $.50/1.00.

We missed out on the Banker’s challenge. :-( But, there is still the Buzzer Beater challenge on/near the last day. It’s a $.50/1.00 match. Joann will keep us informed (and correct any mistakes of this message).

Please spread the word and ask friends/family to donate. This is SO important to KyADAPT being able to continue past 2015… Please support deaf adults who need independent living services.


Pat Bruce

Donate to:

GoodGiving Guide Challenge
Blue Grass Community Foundation

The GoodGiving Guide Challenge is on!

KyADAPT (Assisting Deaf Adults to Participate Totally) needs your help! Ananonymous donor will match our GoodGiving Challenge GoodGiving donations $1 for $1 until a total of $1,000.00 has been donated to KyADAPT. AND, the Boyle County Lottie Ellis Foundation matches $.50 cents on the dollar until the Lottie Ellis Match Fund is exhausted. This means that right now a $25.00 donation to KyADAPT is worth $62.50! So act quickly!!

Here’s who we are and what we do:

KyADAPT, based in Danville, is the state’s only independent living program for deaf and hard of hearing adults. By collaborating with other agencies, we provide access to apartments, social activities, work supports, counseling and in-home assistance. We aim for clients to be as independent as they can and still be safe. Most of our clients, now mid-twenties to mid-forties, attended KSD.

Here’s why you’ll want to help us:

Deaf adults, just like all of us, need to communicate with people around us. Without that, the Deaf person is often lonely and left out. By providing supports through ASL, KyADAPT clients can learn, grow and participate in their community.

We are asking you to donate $25.00 or more online at to support these Deaf individuals in our community.

Thank you so very much!

KyADAPT Board Members and Clients